Georgiana Dinu


Office: C111, CIMeC, Palazzo Fedrigotti, Rovereto
Tel: +39 0464808620
Email: gdinu at us ibm com

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in COMPOSES (in the CLIC lab of the University of Trento's Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC)) since 2012.

I got my PhD in the Computational Linguistics and Phonetics department of Saarland University under the supervision of Manfred Pinkal.

My research interests revolve around distributional methods for semantics and applications such as textual entailment or question answering.

Lately I've been spending some time working on DISSECT, a toolkit for composition methods in distributional semantics which is part of the COMPOSES project.

Will be giving a Language & Computation course at ESSLLI together with Marco Baroni (Composition in Distributional Semantics).