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Language, Interaction and Computation Laboratory

The Language, Interaction and Computation Laboratory (CLIC) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers interested in studying verbal and non-verbal communication. Research in the laboratory uses both computational and cognitive methods.

At present the laboratory is focused on the following areas of research:

  • The study of the use of semantic and encyclopedic knowledge in communication. We try to connect work of a theoretical nature in linguistics and computer science (formal linguistics, lexical semantics, ontological modeling) with empirical data-intensive approaches based on statistics and text mining (lexical acquisition from textual data and multimodal sources) as well as with behavioral and neuroscientific evidence on conceptual representation in the mind/brain.
  • The study of classic questions in theoretical linguistics and in particular semantics (such as compositionality) with computational and experimental methods.
  • The study of multimodal communication, in which agents communicate using (and keeping in mind what is expressed with) a variety of expressive means that go from verbal expressions to gestures as well as in the direction of a look, and that can also use images and diagrams. Both the cognitive/linguistic aspects of this type of communication as well as the possible technological applications are studied in various types of interfaces.
  • The extraction and integration of semantic information from different multimodal sources, in particular language and vision.
  • The study of adaptive interfaces: systems that can adapt to their users, communicating amongst themselves in different ways, depending on their preferences.