Massimo Poesio

I am a cognitive scientist, and more specifically, a computational linguist: I study language and knowledge using a combination of computational methods and methods from Linguistics, Psychology and the Neural Sciences. Topics of special interest include the organization and acquisition of conceptual knowledge, and the role of commonsense knowledge and attention in the interpretation of anaphoric expressions, particularly in spoken conversation. Current projects include LiveMemories on using information extraction methods to improve social knowledge sharing, AnaWiki on using crowd sourcing to create resources for anaphora resolution, the Concepts in Brain and Language project devoted to studing conceptual representations by using a combination of brain imaging and techniques for acquiring concepts from corpora, and the development of the BART toolkit for anaphora resolution. I am part of the Language, Interaction and Computation Lab (CLIC) of the Center for Mind / Brain Sciences (CIMEC), and am affiliated with the Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Science dell'Informazione (DISI).

If you are interested in studying computational linguistics, whether from a cognitive or engineering perspective, consider the University of Trento! PhD-level CL studies can be carried out both in the PhD program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences offered by CIMEC and in the Graduate Program in Information Science and Technology offered by DISI. We also offer a variety of Master level courses, including a one year Master in Human Language Technology and Interfaces aimed in particular at students with science and engineering background and a two-year Master in Cognitive Sciences with a track on Language and Multimodality for students with a cognitive focus. All of these courses are taught entirely in English. We also have a computational linguistics curriculum mostly in Italian targeted towards Humanities students in the Facolta' di Lettere e Filosofia; you can find the pages of our course here.

I am also Reader (on leave) at the School of Computing and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, and a member of the University's Language and Computation group and Digital Lifestyles Centre. For a more detailed description of my research there, see my Essex pages.